Technical Support

OEG receives technical support from various corporate and institutional agencies including major public utilities and private enterprises when OEG’s in-house technical team requires specialized services. OEG’s in house technical staff skills are constantly upgraded by the provision of technical upgrade course and their attendance at major manufacturers technical courses and seminars. OEG is experienced in the operation and maintenance of power generation stations using a variety of fuels such as biomass, crude oil, coal, diesel, heavy fuel and natural gas. OEG plant staffs include personnel dedicated to safety and its management team includes an environmental expert.

Provision of Service

Engineering and Construction Period

  • Provide Engineering Services as an Owner Engineer and/or Lender.
  • Engineer on behalf of the Owner and/or Lender during Engineering Phase.

Commissioning / Test Run Period

  • Provide Experienced Manpower to perform Commissioning for Power Plant.

Operating Period

  • Provide Operation and Maintenance Services during
    – Development Phase
    – Mobilization Phase
    – Operational Phase

Development Phase Services

  • O&M Document Development and Reviews Plant Startup/Commissioning Program
  • Power Plant Familiarization and training of O&M Personnel
  • Review of Spare Parts, Special Tools and Equipment

Mobilization Phase Services

  • Assist the client in providing Engineering comments, Walkdown Procedures and Provide Punch List
  • Provision of Expatriate Operations and Maintenance Staff
  • Power Plant Startup/Commissioning Services
  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Preparation of the following Programs and Procedures
    – Quality Management
    – Safety
    – Operation and Maintenance
    – Maintenance Management
    – Training
    – Material Management
    – Purchasing including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP)

Periodic Operational Services

  • Perform the day-to-day Operation
  • Perform or cause to be performed all maintenance of the facility, minor and major, scheduled and unscheduled
  • Ensure safety of personnel and other assets
  • Ensure safety Operation in an environmental friendly manner
  • Perform Plant Assessment Programs and provide Plant modification comment
  • Ensure compliance of the Quality Management Programs and Environmental Programs established Parts, Consumables and Equipment Supply

Other Services Provided

  • Operation and Maintenance Services for Ancillary Facilities i.e. Waste and Water Treatment
  • Maintenance Services for Industrial Facilities
  • Re-powering and Improvement for Power Plants
  • Training Services
  • Manpower Supply Services
  • Provide Lease Engine Services for Customers
  • Supporting of MTU-BB exclusively for field service activities in Asia Pacific since June 2005
  • Engineering and O&M Services for Solar Farms
  • Provide Engineering Services
  • Provide Technical Support to OEG India
  • Assist the client for Spare Parts recommendation and management of LM6000
  • Borescope -DVD or digital photo
  • Semi-annual inspections on LM6000 and package support systems
  • LM6000 physical condition assessment
  • Package material history reviews
  • Service and package bulletin compliance

Service Provided

  • Power Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Power Plant Start-up / Commissioning Services
  • Power Plant Training Activities
  • Provision of Re-powering and Efficiency Improvement for Power Plants
  • Operations and Maintenance Services for Ancillary Facilities i.e. Waste and Water Treatment
  • Maintenance Services for Distribution Systems, Substations and Switchgear
  • Maintenance Services for Industrial Facilities
  • Preparation of Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Due Diligence Activities and Plant Studies

In providing the above services, OEG utilizes a Computerized Power Plant Management System which is designed to assist and maximize the power plant performance. This system includes:

  • Plant Betterment Programs
  • Plant Operations Programs
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Materials Management Programs
  • Spare Parts Management Programs
  • Resource Management and Scheduled Outage Programs

Subsidiaries, Partners and Representatives

  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sri Lanka